Five Department

Each department work together systematically. and make up the product.
Mizuho Elesys is the total manufacturer engaged in even the construction and maintenance.
All process is systematized and Mizuho Elesys have been efficient manufacturing.

Planning & Development

Expansion of CEMS and Development of DSM in EnMS
Development of Automatic and Energy-saving system
Development of technology using computer
Construction of information systems

Design & Development

Design and development of DSM based on EnMS
Design and development of Automatic and Energy-saving system
Design of various control device
Design of various equipment work


Manufacture of power distribution cubicle, switchboard
Manufacture of automatic control device
Manufacture of control panel, operation panel
Manufacture of instrumentation panel
Manufacture of automatic facility equipment

Construction & Installation

Construction of power receiving and distribution equipment
Construction of instrumentation
Installation of machinery equipment
Installation of automatic facility equipment


Installation adjustment
Maintenance, inspection and adjustment
Sale of electric equipment