The capability of Mizuho Elesis's technology and development

Due to the changes in the natural environment on a global scale, it is necessary to supply products that meet the needs of our customers by "manufacturing technology creation".

The our manufacturing need "Planning & Development", "Design & Development", "Production","Construction & Installation" and "Maintenance" that is responsive to customer needs.
Five departments have responded to a wide variety of customer request about electrical and mechanical control in cooperation without limiting to the fields and industry.

Our work achievements are wide range such as automotive, food, drinking water, chemicals, building materials manufacturing facilities, water treatment plants, heat recovery and recycling facilities, snow melting equipment for the Shinkansen and various automatic transport system.
We are confident overall strength in the department of cooperation and flexible thinking are very important to meet above wide variety needs.

In 2007, the machinery sector also performed IS09001 certification registered, we will continue to strengthen from support system and technical capabilities.
While the transformation is desired from a change in the environment more and more in the future, we will continue to challenge to new business aggressively for new technology creation.

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Work list

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Combustion equipment

Heat Recovery & Recycle


Foodstuff & Medicinal product

Building material & residence

Water and sewage treatment

Powder and granular material

Steel manufacture


Physical distribution

Other equipments

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