Planning & Development

Expansion of CEMS and Development of DSM in EnMS
Development of Automatic and Energy-saving system
Development of technology using computer
Construction of information systems

To achieve the construction of technology creation

Proposal of EMS(Energy Management System)
Through the algorithm from demand real-time monitoring by EMS, Our system perform supply and demand management of timely fine-grained.
By DSM (Demand Side Management) technology, the system expand demand scan, automatic control of the simulation prediction, output adjustment through the inverter technology, to the converter high efficiency operation.
Furthermore, the system deployed to CEMS (Cluster / Community EnergyManagement System) that is a impalpable technology in the position of customers.
It will continue evolving, based on the trend of macro system reforms that will be promoted.

New technology system case

Electrical equipment for field test project of solar power generation new technology.
High efficiency solar power generation equipment made ​​with the aim of environmental load reduction in 2006. It has still become the basis of the solar cell current collector technology and 6.6kV power system connection technology.
Power generation capacity: output 400kW, Annually 400,000 kWh.