Installation adjustment
Maintenance, inspection and adjustment
Sale of electric equipment

The relationship through life. That is our corporate philosophy.

From the log analysis of routine protection, regular maintenance data and equipment status, we will propose the best maintenance plan in electrical equipment of our customers.
Our "manufacturing technology creation" of maintenance department , through the use of a wide range of vendor network, staff has achieved rapid response by stacked experience.
We have hope that the equipment and systems which are under day-to-day operation of a variety of customer environments will be used to continue to maintain the optimum condition at all times. We have proposed energy savings by equipment configuration to considere to the environment and stable operation of equipment in a planned renewal, maintenance improvement.

I'm Koyama in my second year at the company,

I have the basic training work in the factory at first.
Next I take OJT of inspection work. After that, "Inspectors" qualification was given to me.
I am used for instrument handling.
This time, for the first step in the "Maintenance Services" qualification, I went to the site along with the senior, I took part in the inspection work.
Returning to company after the inspection, PLC software development is waiting for me. I spend busy days.
Unlike the simulation test sequence in the factory, I was nervous in the context of general operating even in the test run. Along with that, I feel responsibility and worthwhile of business.